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From the Founder


Thank you so much for visiting the InHome Jams website! I hope that we can share our passion for music with your family.

As a 9 year old kid in the 1980’s, living in suburban Maryland, I had a ton of unfocused energy (before there was something called “ADHD”) but showed an excitement for beating on pots and pans… so my parents did the natural thing-they got me drum lessons. After a month of playing “rat tat tat” on a little rubber pad every day, I lost the excitement for rhythm, and I temporarily quit music.

Fast forward a few months later, and I am seated on a piano bench in my parents living room, staring at a piece of sheet music. Different instrument, same result. What I now realize is that I was searching for a connection, and I wanted to be good at something.

What kid doesn’t want this?

It was only a few years later (after I returned to the drums) and found a charismatic and passionate teacher named Nora Davenport, that I had a profound realization. I was put on this planet to make music!

Each week, she challenged me to go higher and instilled confidence within me. My life was changed and to this day I strive to make the same impact on my own students.

Today, I welcome you to check out the website, sign up for lessons, join a band, and give InHome Jams the opportunity to guide your child towards finding the music that lives within.


Darren Siman, Founder