Policies & Procedures

Lesson Cancellation Policy

Within each year students are granted two absences which are eligible for a makeup lesson. If for any reason, including illness, a student cancels more than one lesson they forfeit any additional credit. Exception are made for religious holidays and conflicting private school March spring break (please contact IHJ for details). Lessons cancelled without at least 24 hours notice are not eligible for any makeup credit. If your teacher should miss a lesson for any reason, such as inclement weather, a makeup credit will be extended.

Kidz Bandz and Group Cancellation Policy

There will be no make­ups or refunds for band sessions or group lessons missed by individual students. Absences from a band session alter the balance of the group and make rehearsals difficult for those students who are in attendance. If at least 3 students are present for a band session and at least 2 for a group lesson, it will proceed as scheduled. If fewer than 3 students are available for a band session, or fewer than 2 for a group lesson, it will be cancelled.

Lesson Cancellation Procedures

Canceling a lesson is easy. With under 48 hours notice, call 857 234 1935 and leave a message. For cancellations over 48 hours, please email inhomejams@gmail.com. Lessons not cancelled in accordance with these procedures may not be eligible for a make­up credit (e.g. sending a cancellation email on short notice)

Make­up Lessons

Makeup lessons should be scheduled during the school year, based on mutual availability between teacher and student. If a student should cancel a makeup lesson, another will not be offered. Additional makeup credits are offered for lessons during private school vacation weeks, and any religious holidays, pending you follow the correct cancellation procedures.

Withdrawal from the lesson program

If you choose to withdraw your child from the lesson program after registering, you will be responsible for full payment.

Odds and Ends

IHJ teachers have a great reputation for reliability, still being in transit can vary the starting lesson time by several minutes on either side. Because we make house calls exclusively please understand that lessons begin upon entering and end upon leaving your home. Naturally, most of that time is spent with the student at their instrument. This guideline helps us keep to our busy schedules.

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