Frequently Asked Questions

What is the InHome Jams (IHJ) Rock n Roll Program?

IHJ’s unique approach to music education is based on the philosophy that learning music is more fun when you play songs you like. Our “the song is the lesson” approach is rooted in the belief that great pop and rock n’ roll songs have awesome musical nuggets in them that could be mined for a more direct and rewarding musical experience. Once students have learned the basics, we develop their talents in our other programs, such as KidzBandz.

What can I expect from my IHJ teacher?

IHJ’s goal is to provide a learning experience consistent with our core values. All of our teachers are fun-loving, upbeat, patient, and professional, and really strive to make a connection with the student. All teachers undergo a rigorous vetting process, where they master our unique methods and curriculum and are given the tools so that they can give your children the ultimate rock n’ roll learning experience.

Does IHJ run background checks on the staff?

Yes. Every teacher is screened prior to joining the staff. We run extensive background checks through the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information database (CORI) and with the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Registry. Needless to say, every music teacher on staff has a squeaky clean record.

Is my child too young to take lessons or join a band?

IHJ offers one on-one-lessons to children as young as age 5, while our KidzBandz program begins at the first grade. For children 3 years old, we offer our WeeMix program, which was created as a means of offering modern music-making to mini rockstars- complete with awesome instrument jams and electronic beat making!

Can we meet the teacher before we decide to sign up for lesson? Can we have a trial lesson?

Because IHJ makes house-calls exclusively and our teachers work very busy schedules, it’s logistically complicated to arrange for a meeting prior to enrolment. However,we have a very good reputation at matching our teachers with the students. For your convenience, teacher photos and bios can be accessed here on our website, our teachers do the first lesson on a trial basis, to make sure they are a good fit for your child.

How often should my child be practicing?

As a group, the IHJ teachers have liberal practice guidelines. However, we do require that our students practice enough to move forward with each lesson. There are many different ideas about how frequently a music student should practice their instrument. Age and skill level are big factors and there’s no uniform answer. The more time a student spends practicing in-between their lessons, the quicker progress they’ll make. In an effort to keep music an enjoyable pursuit, a student makes some time each day to be with their instrument, practice will develop organically.

My child is very busy with his/her sports schedule. Also, we don’t even know when the practices and games are being held until a couple weeks before the season starts. Can we move our lesson if it conflicts with the sports schedule?

Many of our students play on at least one sports team. We will always accommodate a change of lesson day and time if our schedules allow. At the same time, please understand that because weʼre obliged to plan our schedules months in advance sometimes teachers are booked to capacity once the school year gets underway. In those cases weʼve found that sports conflicts are as short-lived as the sports seasons and can be accommodated by missing an occasional sports practice or music lesson.

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