Pre-K R-O-C-K!!!!! your mini-rockstar will sing their favorite songs, remix beats, play African drums, drumset, keyboards, and dance around like a musical maniac!

During the process, “WeeMixers” will learn about basic musical concepts such as note reading, notation and rhythm… getting them ready for their next steps in their musical journey.

Rockin’ Glocks™
Develop fundamental music skills playing kid-a-fied versions of Mom and Dad’s favorite songs on modified glockenspiels!

Test-drive real instruments including keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele. A great way to determine which instrument your child is drawn to.

Rock’n’Roll Music Games
Learn about rhythm, melody, and harmony with our exciting, music-minded games!

Old school. New school.
Spin classic records on a real turntable. Remix your own beats and loops (iPads, synths)!

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