Lesson N’ LIVE Packages!

Over the last few years we have observed how InHome Jams students enrolled in BOTH the Private Lesson AND KidzBandz programs proved be more well-rounded and enthusiastic towards making music. If you asked any of our teachers, they would tell you that, although they credit their development and love for music to a specific teacher with whom they studied in their formative years, the main reason they’re still playing music is due to being in a band!

Key Benefits of the Lesson N’ LIVE program

  • Lessons work on technique, reading, theory and ear training, as well as supporting the band experience, reinforcing the skills learned and challenges faced in band.
  • Bands are great for midrange goals and keep kids super-excited about music.
  • Lessons give the child the confidence that they can achieve goals as an individual.
  • In addition to “flexing their musical muscles”, playing in a band promotes teamwork, responsibility, and respect, as well developing a child’s creativity.

As a member of the Lesson N’ LIVE program you receive:

  • Weekly Lessons, Sept-June
  • Weekly Band Sessions, Sept-June
  • Up to 4 performance opportunities for you child
  • JAMCredits to be used towards Vacation Camps and other programs
  • Priority re-enrollment

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